Microsoft Windows XP Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Microsoft Windows XP

There are a lot of strange things in this seed as well as some really cool mountains (501 | 84 | -33). You could say the seed is just like Windows XP, unpredictable.

Spawn points

X: 19 / Y: 84 / Z: 56


X: 432 / Y: 88 / Z: -89

A whole mountain out of stone. Fascinating.

X: 141 / Y: 96 / Z: -86

You just walk around, minding your own business and holy ****, suddenly there is a giant ass pillar.

X: 542 / Y: 94 / Z: -133

The Escalator.

X: 719 / Y: 93 / Z: -162

This is the smoothest wall i have ever seen.

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For me, Windows 7 is more unpredictable. I runned XP for years and I never had a problem. Same with my new PC. When I installed Windows 7, I had a different performance problem every day. Good ol' XP, I miss you so much. I won't return though. DirectX 11 ... ^^ -.-

* Du solltest Loc.1 und Loc.2 austauschen, wegen der Vorschaubilder.

Good idea, changed it.

Cool a mountain out of stone!

I found some wolves in a forest!

Oh, and I'm making a seed : Microsoft Windows 7 ispired by daniel.

42 coal and 7 iron ore at (200, 70, 18). never seen this much coal in one place before

ive played heaps of games and ive never found the clay

You would if you still played 1.3. Clay algorythms have been changed after that.

@ Samasauwu56 if u use Mojang Seed there's HEAPS of clay around

i typed in the seed "herobrine" and it was this seed but with a different spawn point

i think my minecraft is bugged i put gilgamesh as my seed and i got this again

im gonna make that stone cliff into a dam

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

1st screenshot- OMG WTF

wait... if this is windows XP what will Microsoft Windows Vista be?

Omg for every ignorant person on this sight blah blah blah
That's all genusio ever says.get a life -_-

I'm really looking for seeds that have NPC villages and strongholds. This was just bullshit.

daniel tht same windows 7 does the same to me my minecraft freezez and internet freezez everyday


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