mindless insipid mainstream Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: mindless insipid mainstream

Pre-1.8: If you're looking for a large, clean ocean, sea, or lake to build a secluded private island on, this seed has a great series of interconnected lakes to choose from surrounded by beaches, forests, and mountains.

1.8: This seed still contains mountains and waterfalls, but the ocean area is now MUCH larger. All old coordinates are presumed to be outdated.

Spawn points

X: -63 / Y: 70 / Z: 252

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X:-133 Y:65 Z:816 - A small waterfall feeds into a long, gently-sloping stream that doesn't quite reach the sea.

Nice seed!

nashen i have to say hands up this is the best seed ever ive been using it for about a bonth and still use it i have a village i had 11dimond till i fell into my own trap lol love it ty

Thanks, glad you guys are liking it. :)

Seed v1.8: Spawn is now X:-63, Z:252. Ocean to the north. Waterfalls feed into the ocean if you follow the shoreline eastward. The spawn area seems to have copious numbers of pigs, a fair scattering of sheep, but barely any cows. I had to travel far north across the water to find cows for leather.

Thumbs to me if... oh yeah this isn't YouTube. Anyways, looks good.

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