Mojang Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Mojang

This Seed goes to all of you with a diamond fetish. Scroll down to the Locations to know where you can find a total of 14+ Diamond Ores. Theres also lots of Coal, Lapis Lazuli, Gold, Iron and Redstone.


X: 87 / Y: 15 / Z: 53

Diamonds. yay. Find up to 6 more a (90|11|55). But be careful, they are next to lava.

X: 82 / Y: 15 / Z: 37

You have to dig away some Stone for this but there is Diamonds and Gold and Coal. You lucky bastard!

X: 104 / Y: 11 / Z: 49

A Diamond cube with 8 DIAMONDS.

X: 110 / Y: 12 / Z: 47

Lapis Lazuli, Coal and Redstone... This seed is full of ores.

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You missed some diamonds in that cave.There are 4 at x89 y11 z56

Thank you.
The coordinates will be added to the description.

There is magma next to them so watch out!

beutifal water and lava fall cordinates x:88.3 y:22.6 z:75.3

Yep, that one is cool. It's now shown in the 6th screenshot

hey a sand mountain, underneath is lava pool!!!!, its my new home :D
cords x:110
y:70-68 warning stay at 70 or ull melt!

A little off the beaten path but I found 4 lapis blocks at 358, 29, 527

a couple gold ores at x45,y16,z82 its a winding tunnel to get it but its gold lol

and yet more gold and redstone at x82,y11,z56

that last one i posted is a hefty amount of gold no homo

more redstone at x62,y13,z50

some lapis blocks at x78,y15,z33

extremely close proximity to those lapis blocks is lava sry im commenting so much

gold at x83,y9/10,z54

ok so theres a mass of diamond redstone and coal at x55,y11,z51 but its surrounded by lava, so you have to dig around all of them, replace the lava blocks with cobble stone etc, then dig out your minerals :P

gold at x88,y14,z33

redstone at x70,y12,z75 cover the lava then mine it

only a little bit from that redstone is some diamond at x69(hah),y12,z92, you need to do some digging and its in random spots in the rock.

idk what happened but at that diamond was one block of random lava? i got burnt and there wasnt any lava so idk but be careful

large exposed redstone outbreak at x111,y17,z86 next to a waterfall and a lava pit below

random lapis at x114,y29,z68

exposed gold at x129,y27,z67

At x51, y17, z98 6 or gold chunks

more gold at x79, y27, z68

just a plain tip for anyone who wants to use this seed, take more than 2 shovels of iron when mining, you'll find random gravel and dirt everywhere

been a while since i last posted, but there is snow!!!, walk around 500-800 in x cords away from lava/mountain i posted last time, btw the direct facing away from lava and water, toward trees, thats the direction, just a little more west

at what coordinates did u come out of the grouynd in your tunnel??

Do u have to do Mojang with a capital or lower case

With a capital. All the seeds are copyable.

thx admin

Cool love this seed I was doing SO well until ... I was digging up in middle of nowere and lava fell on my head i had no idea were i died so that was game over ...

What can u make with lapis stuff or what do you do with it?

you can color wool blue ;)

lol is that it? :P

Yes, maybe Mojang will add some other things later

Hey admin I found a new seed called Heaven its got no big cliff sits more like a survival island on one island there is a nice cosy cave and it gets bigger and bigger and finaly gets to lava ! it has all the gems/stones exept diamond lots of coal and iron !!

Cool :D A simaler seed is called angry birds. If oy fall down a certairn hole, then there will be lava, diamonds,gold,redstone and heaps of other things :D

You weren't kidding when you said how much ore is in this seed.
I'm at 60 diamond and it's only been 1 hour 30 minutes.

MY GOD!!! There is an ass-load of iron in here! I'm at 74 ingots and 20 ore right now!

random redstone and iron x69 y12 z6

NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 43 Diamonds and I just found at least 6 more but i fell into lava around x18 y14 z10 there will be iron on the ground. DO NOT DIG FOR IT YOU WILL DIE!

wtf is the seed code? sorry im new dont know where to find it

The seedcode is the title: Mojang

where is the seed that you type in? sorry newbie

The seedcode is the title: Mojang

Four more Diamond blocks at -143x, 14y, -34z near some of the closer trees.

5 more diamonds at x43, y11, z54

Zombie Dungeon at x29, y15, z42
Two Chests have: 2 bread, saddle, 2 gunpowder, bucket, cocoa beans, 2 redstone and 8 string.

What is the seed for this world?

It's Mojang. Many People aked this question, look at the comments next time ;)

There's a cave at x = 107, y = 71, z = 73, there's a good amount of coal and iron to get you started in the world, and it's on the surface next to a lava pit

How are you supposed to read cordinites sorry im a newbie and i dont know what x; and y; means please someone explain

When you are in the game and press F3, your current coordinates are displayed(you can change them by walking around ;) ) simply walk to the coordinates sown on this site and you will find the locations.
If you have more questions, visit the FAQ or check the comments.

whats the seed


soo where do you go to find the diamond do u gatta dig or is there a certain entry point do the cave? plz reply

There is an entry somewhere, but i don't know where it is.

i have mini laptop how i put coordinates on plz answer

Press F3
If you don't have a F3 key try to google your problem.

i cant find the seed somewhere?

Congratulations, You're the 6th person who asked this...
It's Mojang, that is the seed
Look at the comments next time

Also a Zombie spawner at
x:27 7:14 z:41
Underneath some of the moss stone is 2 more diamons

Spider Dungeon at X28, Y45, Z29
One chest holds a bucket, two cocoa beans and four string.

Another dungeon at X121, Y34, Z83
Two chests hold four string, cocoa bean, ten iron ingots, a saddle, two buckets, two breads and three gunpowders.

Another monster dungeon at X116, Y31, Z118
Two chests hold 5 string, 1 cocoa bean, 1 redstone, 3 saddles, 2 buckets, 2 iron ingots, 1 bread and 3 wheat.

what are the coordinate for that mountain near trees with three cacti that you emerged from when u flew out of the EPIC dungeon?

Somewhere around x: 87,8 | y: 60 | z: 53.

So i guess that the names are the Seeds?

Yes,thats right.

what do i type in for the seed thing


i get it now i didnt spawnd where the video showed

Large amount of clay, its funny because its in the SIDE of the sand wall rather than replacing the sand so you have to look at it from the ocean to see it
Co ords: x -88.3, y 65.6, z 163.4

There is a big clay deposit at X=-77,Y=64, and Z=398

Anyone know a spot with some reeds on this map?

This has more ore then 404 like 100000000000 more ore

I was on the last place, mining some ores when i heard footsteps... i KNEW it was a creeper, but when i mined, gravel fell nearly onto me, but it fell on the creeper instead!

i found this seed called Meet The Creeper which haz awesome sight of mountains lol, havent really tried digging around yet but... lol

I remember back in the day when we didn't have coordinates and seeds... like it a lot better this way! And Mojang really is Diamond heaven. I compiled a list of 2 dozen sets of coordinates where other people claimed to have found diamonds, and checked them. Most are accurate! And here are a few more I found along the way:
x=116 y=15 z=113
x=121 y=15 z=123
x=-66 y=14 z=49
x=-4 y=14 z=71

Found 5 Pumpkins and tall grass at x=161 y=72 z=376

13 more pumpkins at x=268 y=78 z=336
Another 11 at x=383 y=79 z=348

Lava Lake at x=474 y=73 z=397

And some reeds at x=269 y=66 z=441

pergentile says:#168
Zombie Dungeon at x29, y15, z42
Two Chests have: 2 bread, saddle, 2 gunpowder, bucket, cocoa beans, 2 redstone and 8 string.

mine out the ground...

Found more Diamond and Gold.
There is only two diamonds at that exact location, but there is 6 gold above the lava at the left of it, and 5 more gold underneath the water-source to the right, on a slightly taller ledge.

Found some more diamonds, have to dig it out, but look at around x-208, y15, z41.

Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test.

However, remember our motto: There's a hole in the sky, through which things can ... fly!

And here come your test results. It says you're a horrible person. A horrible person, thats what it says. We weren't even testing for that.

Diamonds at 90=x 13=y 56=z

I typed in the seed but it didnt come out correctly. I mean I went to the coords but it was just water to kill your self. Please help!

I typed in the seed but it didnt come out correctly. I mean I went to the coords but it was just water to kill your self. Please help!

Remember, if at first you don't succeed, you fail.

I Think 'some people' need to read the FAQ!!!

I REALLY like this sentence.
I should post it somewhere on the website for all people to see.

Do you spawn on a beach? or did I screw up?

The Spawnpoints are always different.

Where ever I look for clay at coordinates given I can't find any, anybody know why?

@Algm Clay generation got changed in one of the recent updates. Apparently clay is only generated when the x and z coordinates are the same now.

Anyone know where i can find any sugar canes? PLEASEED:

Found some, yay! 49|65|-338

I got the same problem as "Algm" can some one explane why I cant find clay!? Pleas help!

Clay generation got changed in one of the recent updates. Apparently clay is only generated when the x and z coordinates are the same now.

It's a bug that will be fixed in 1.7.

how do I go to the exakt same cordinates.

Press F3 and look at the top left corner, your coordinates should be there.

Another possibility for caves is the /tele command if you have Single Player Commands installed. Syntax is: /tele x y z

I can comfirm you that there, in that cavern system, are 57+ diamonds and 46+ gold ore. The cave system itself is huge. Imgur link: http://imgur.com/fVjbA

can you please put where u spawn on map

Should be the center.


hey i'm wondering, about the map. does it show the whole map? because i'm at- with my z coordinants- 2000. please explane this to me!!!!

oops i'm talking about the cartograph map :P.

The minecraft World is endless, the map shows only what we explored.

intresting, thank you

Is there even any clay in minecraft on beta in 1.6.6 plz reply cause ive been looking for all the seeds with the most clay but i found nothing...:(
If its a bug please tell notch to fix. :)

I FOUND A DUNGEON !!!!!!!!!!

x - 264
y - 43.6
z - 54.5

Hi i know that clay only is generated when x and z cords are the same, but is there any clay on this seed?

I found 2 chests containing some TNT, a bucket, and iron leggings I believe. It probably is a dungeon but I found chest by digging a tunnel, Only saw chests within some gravel. I suggest you dont dig deep into the gravel :3. coordinates are x:304 y:14 z:-49

I need help. I have a Windows Vista and I know you press F3 to get coordinates but whenever I do it this battery thing pops up.

i spawned near that clay on the cartographer

@ XxM3hPandiexX I tried this seed. Dig around the dungeon, a ditch to the right wall to find gold xD

i spawned near a big cobblestone wall and for some reason i can't use coordinates

Wow guys Alot of cords Wow (:3 = The maw hat/mask

u think they couldd make a less confusing map...

How many clay are they here

Hey in the dungeon with the 8 block diamond cube go across the lava cave that has a hole in the back and there is 5 diamonds but are next to lava. I will get cordinates.

The cordinates on my last comment are
Hope i helped

Omg im sorry i didnt realize someone else posted it woops.

Umm I found this stuff my iron pick ax can't break, i thinks it's obsedian its like oil but more black and gray the coordinates are
X: -51.5
Y: 4.6
Z: 8.3
how do I get it? will diamond break it?

Gawd, killed by damn lava! (OMG diamonds EVERYWHERE!)

okay, i cannot break the black wutever it is with my DIAMOND pick ax can some one please tell me how to break it????

Obsidian, and you can mine it with your diamond pickaxe, it just takes some time

Even MORE diamonds.
x: 98.4 | y: 15.6 | z: 42.3

(Sorry if already posted)

diamonds and redstone and coal x -55 y 4 z 17

I like the map. Saddly the land is REAL crappy and looks horrible, thats the only downside =D

I found 3 huge clay deposits.

anyone know the coordinates where a slime can spawn ?

Where is iron!?!?!?!


lol i suck ive only found 1 diamond

alto i did only start it yesterday...

i went on a quest for pine trees but didn't find any but found something new it was an amazing landscape with steep cliffs and overhangs and alot of trees around at X -82 y 84 z -1644

amazing but there are a few downsides

what is the seed code for this one?

wats the code

Where can i find Suger Canes? I have been searching al over the place but i can't find anything! If someone knows where they are please say it!

6 diamonds at x12.6 y 19.6 z-60

hey this seed is AWSOME ! its a shame the land is real boring though

I like getting diamonds fast! I am on worstseedever(A.K.A bestseedever!!!) and i found 12 diamonds in my first day, then i found a wolf and i didnt have enough bones to tame it with :( oh well.

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

2 Diamonds and 6 Gold at x0 y? z0. Just mine to Bedrock then x2 y6 z3 f1

Erm...The seed is the name of the seed. Mojang -.-

diamnds at

im finding things everywhere

anyone find slime spawners

@SoraStickman ... try this to find some slimes ... http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/397835-find-slime-spawning-chunks/

I found a cave system and im currently exploring it.
I found 3 dungeons so far in one cave system!!
Coordinates are:

how far do you have to go just to get the diamonds??? btw such a cool place :)

i found diamond @ x 86.9 y 18.6 z 21.6

How do you find the place to dig for that cave

do you have to have the full version of minecraft, because I can only play offline

i think i might have found the cave but all i found was dirt cole and iron when i dug down with no torches

Right what do you have to write in the box thingy to get onto the world :S

There's a dungeon with diamond at
x 26
y 13
z 41


help!! how do you view your coordinates cuz f3 doesnt work for me!! help plz! and plzz include what the meanings of x,y,&z plz!

WTF if u guys wanna see summin wierd change ur difficulty to peaceful (if u dont wanna die) go to:
x: -202
y: 71
z: -515
theres doll zombie stuck in a cage thats been set on fire and theres 2 storage chests with redstone cocoa beans wheat and saddles, and a bucket and bread :s WIERD

@ghgh406 it is a dungeon dude

One of the most amazing seeds i have ever seen.
(Maybe the most amazing!) Also, It will be hard to get down to the diamond cube because it is under a deserted mountain. But, almost ALL the locations are in a SINGLE cave!

On a Mac or some pc's u have to press fn then F3

To see cordinates

I found 10 DIAMOND YES 10 at X:3 Y:15 Z:18 just thought yall should know

Oh also for people with mac to be able to use f3 for the xyz stuff go to system preferences-keybored-and check the first box then you should be able to use the f3 button

found 8 more diamonds along side some iron and lapiz at x:188 y:17 Z:27

found a spawner with no chest??? super far away
x: -1836
y: 68
z: 888

can anyone else not find where he dug down in the video ? ? ?

oh, also i found diamonds with the right coordinates but not the same ones as in picture

Where the heck is iron?!?!?!?!??! I really need it to mine the diamnonds

Also this is an amazing seed. My bro shown me this seed and he had found so much diamond he had a portal (To the nether) Surrounded by diamond blocks! He wouldnt tell me the seed but he had it written down so i looked it up.

Ah found pocket of iron at
X: 47
y: 27
z: -99

Setting off for a adventure now :D

Quite a boring map above stone level but undeground there can be secret pockets of redstone and diamonds.

And next to the square of diamond there is some handy obsidian ready for you to mine but block the lava and water to mine easily and succesfully

I may film my chronicles of minecraftia here! With a few weather mods and lots of digging to make the map interesting then it will be sorted.

If only you could use your own seeds for multiplayer. Then i could use people for a crew to help build a village and be characters

You can use Seeds in Multiplayer

at x-8.3 z-199.6 dig down to find a cool cave with lots of iron

sabrinahh what are the quards of the three dungeons i found 2 but cant find the third

anyone found a creeper dungeon

Hey, quick question, has anyone found a music disc in a dungeon? I've been doing some exploring, but I haven't come across anything yet. Thanks! :)

hey guys, anyone got an idea on where slime might spawn?

if you guys want survival island then there is a seed i found :D!!! its called "michael jackson 4 president" spell correctly you WILL spawn on an island but... there is land in the distance... hope you enjoy and happy mining

finaly somthing interesting. floating mountin at

I found... I think it was about 18 and 7? I can't entirey remember, sadface. Pretty epic seed though. Just so everybody knows, if you want to easily find a cave with water, dig down in a spiral, preferably 3 by 3, and dig to bedrock, then slowly go up, and make sure you put the volume up to MAX so that you can hear the water sooner. Also, the glitch you could do on 1.5, still works to a point in 1.6.6; if you repeatedly tap the fog button, you might see the fire from torches or lava. Also, if you aee lucky, you might even find streaks of lava in the black lines on stone blocks, or maybe it was dirt...? *Posted by Wolfbrother, Minecraft addict!*

Also, does anybody know how to make a GOOD Obsidian fireplace/bin in a wooden treehouse? Because I made a wood treehouse and then when I went to make the obsidian, the lava was burning up the entry tunnel!

And how do you make a cartograph?

Oh, helpful hint for beginners: there is coal at 95 78 263, exposed.

Wow, the exposed coal is a pretty good-sized vein with 17 coal. :D

Wow! I found surface lava! (well it's in a cavern on the surface)
x54 y60 z141

where is seed?
plz tell me

It's "Mojang"

Spawner at x:131.5 y:24.6 z:83.6

Diamond block with 8 diamonds and
x: 117.69
y: 10.62
z: 248.46

There's also redstone and iron really close but these ores are in a HUGE cave system. The location of all the diamonds has water coming down from the roof of the cave(there's a thin stream of water covering the diamonds)

to Admin,
Did you find this EPIC seed ? :s


I found 32 Diamond ore! :)

But I don't know the coordinates. :(

Where is the coordinates for the diamond cube?

where can you download minecraft beta 1.3?

theres a n abandoned mine at

any1 find the end portal?

hidden chest by a spider spawner!

when i spawn its not the cornets at the spawn its supposed to be, and im doing Mojang

This seed won't work if you are running Minecraft 1.8, 1.0, and 1.1 This seed only works for 1.3-1.7.1

+++++HEY ADMIN+++++
there is a weird glitch or bug about your website, every time i go to a specific seed page, it outs me at the bottom of the page. maybe thats why every body keeps asking you the seed

weird... I never experienced that bug. I'll try to do something about it.

does anyone know what this seed is in 1.1/1.2?

I luv this F***ing seed

the seed can be used in 1.1 and others but it will be completely difrent

what the seed code

pretty epic seed!:D

coords for lots of diamonds x=104 y=13 z=287

on 1,2,3 i found 18 diamonds

I went in there as a boy with a wooden pikaxe, came out as a man with a diamond pikaxe

where do i fnd the seed

easily look at the big "Mojang" below the big pic at the top of this page and you found the seed!

what is the seed im not find it D: but i like this seed :D :D :D :D


This is a nice seed

OMFG where is the seed for this map? I can`t find it X_X

What version is xbox? How do u find those coordinates on xbox also? Please help!!!!

Guys the seed is Mojang

there is an update for minecraft xbox and the map u start out with has the coodateds at the top

4 diamonds at
X: 43
Y: 18
Z: -181

1. It was made in earlier updates, None of these diamonds could be found anymore.
2. Diamonds were common in the old updates so he found lots of them
3. this seed wont work anymore.

because its made in Beta 1.7

This was the seed for my first world. Ah, nostalgia.

This seed seemed really good but i don't like it because i wasted an hour traveling the whole map and i only found two caves that died immediately, and i'm not much of a person who like to dig for caves. I'm not saying its a horrible map its OK but not for me, and if your looking for diamonds try the seed Nether i got 96 diamonds there 70 in surface caves and the rest strip mining.

on 1.2.5 goto
and dig straight down to find a room full of ore's!!!:D

Anyone know where slimes spawn on the Xbox version? I've been searching for hours.

this map seed still works i tried it yesterday and came out with 8 gold 18 diamonds 64 coal and 56 iron

So I'm on the xbox version, and I've checked every one of the coordinated posted for clay. I even checked all over the surface by sand by myself. I've still found no clay. Lol, anyone else find some that would like to drop some coordinates for me? Thanks in advance.

Oh and, I made my map before the update, which I'm aware is the reason I can't find the clay at tany of these coordinates. However, I am finding all the other resources that people post. If anyone finds clay on the TU2 map, I'd appreciate any coordinates. Thanks :D

Found lots of clay not sure of the coordinates but it's there.

If you were trying to help me on finding some, you obviously didn't read both of my comments. I'm on xbox 360, and I made my Mojang seed before they updated the glitch that fixed clay not spawning. I already have a massive house that would take days of work to rebuild on a new map world, which is why I want to find some clay on MY version of this seed. But, I can't find any. I've checked multiple times all over the map. Hence why I was wondering if anyone came across some on that version, but I doubt anyone did.

I like this map. It is not oppressive, like most maps.

Vendetta, if you have cheats enabled, you can insert clay yourself, otherwise, use cheats to rebuild your house faster. There IS a third option, but I do not approve of hacking. Especially since today is 9/11, and hacking IS a form of cyber-terrorism. Spread the word.

Legionary, the 360 version doesn't have creative mode yet, which is what I'm assuming you're referring to as cheats. It's okay though, I've given up on the clay. 200+ diamond is satisfying enough for me. Lol

how do we get on this server?

Nice seed! I got 17 diamond and 11 redstone But I could not find clay??

can't find any pumpkins can someone give me coords don't ask why i just want more stuff in my farm

Why I don't spawn on those cordinates? If I am in X:104 and Y:11 and Z:49,9 (There should be 8 diamonds)I don't find enything. Exept if I dig a littlebit more I find redstone.

//And sorry if there is mistakes, im from finlad...

And I have 1.4.6.

i went to the coordinates where it says there are 8 diamonds but no zore diands and plus i spawned at a swamp

also if u need pumpkins there are some at x:89 z:100 and y:117 but its on a mountain oh yeah i also saw a snow land

wat do u no i found 4 diamonds at x:74 z:282 and y:6 and its in 1.4.6 so if u need diamonds then go there

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