Nether Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Nether

This Seed is very idyllic with a lot of trees and green grass. According to <a href="http://minecraft-seeds.net/index.php?task=profile&id=30">bob</a>, who suggested this seed, there are about 20 Blocks of Clay at the spawnpoint but we didnt manage to find them.

Spawn points

X: 42 / Y: 66 / Z: 23


X: 23 / Y: 12 / Z: 195

WTF? 12 Redstone Blocks, 2 Gold Block, 2 Coal Blocks, 5 Iron Blocks and 6 Diamonds on one single Screenshot. Pray to your new god: Mindecraft-Seeds.net

X: 143 / Y: 69 / Z: 321

6 Blocks of surface Iron.

X: 27 / Y: 89 / Z: 27

Trees, Trees and Trees.

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awesome world i found the clay and the ores :D!

dude, mindecraft-seeds.net dont common on the internet (location 1)

Go to X:65.4 Y:11.6 and Z:173 for lots of redstone and iron, i discovered it while branch mining

so whats the code


what is the number

it says something is already runing

guys all the seed codes are the title if it says mojang put mojang in ...

how do i get to the coordinates?

Press F3

I saw a deer today.

When I press F3, everything /but/ the coordinates comew up, help!

overstrained admin is overstrained. Really

z-16 some gold and a diamond

I'm trying to find the clay but it is no use.


4 diamonds
6 coal
and 2 iron ore

wow when i go there everytime there seems to be nothing but a furnace and a work bench with several torches in the spots on the 1 screen shot

I found all the dimonds!!!!!


Just read the comments minime

Appreciate the guy who made this.And yeah my current favorite seeds is "Nether".I think is the on of the best seeds.If you want to find diamonds it's so easy!

We're glad that you like this Seed :)

This is agreat seed but worstseedever you should try it it's got 3 or 4 dungeons on land and at spawn dungeon theres a giant cavern and leads straight to lave (Have 3 piles of any material) got 19 Diamonds there in just 1 Day

Well.... This isn't really the Nether i wished for!
No fire, hell-thingy's or Ghasts!? Just kidding! xD
Looks really nice! (Trying it right now!

I found a total of 111 clay blocks at spawn :p
There was a bunch underwater behind spawn, and a little further I found more clay in a tiny desert. I made all of the clay balls into blocks, and my total was 111 blocks of clay. :P

Hey guys.... i was exploring with my map when i found a dungeon,, it is a skeleton archer dungeon. the coridinates are x.54 y.56 and z.-393.. it is some traveling but it has 12 gunpowder!!!! 4 redstone 1 bread and 5 wheat i think its pretty much worth it, go my friends and find more dungeons in this awesome map !

what i forgot to say is that it is a surface dungeon and has a very nice little waterfall. so you might want to make like a port or a house there:D .

small vein of clay at x 240 y 65 z- 165 hope you like it :D im traveling around this world and i will be typing things that i find:D

13 iron ore at x-261 y59 z 394

a lot of pumpkins at x-246
y 67
z 340

I Found The Clay Easy! Its In The Water I Wish I Could Find More For My Clay House! (has no roof!)

said clay is at about 73, 67, 292 :)

found so much clay i couldn't even count it all

there ARE about 20 clay blocks where I spawned, maybe you tested that seed during 1.6?

I did this seed in 1.3.

Very Very Much Clay at x:-74 y:69 z:288
A big part of it is under sand

The good news:
I found the cavern!
The bad news:
In doing so, I dropped into lava. ;|
thanks for the warning

There is a BEAUTIFUL canyon meadow with waterfalls, wheatgrass, and both type of mushroom at X:-411, Y:70, Z:99

Lapis lazuli at
X: 20
Y: 15
Z: 236

CAUTION! there is lava near the lapis

Wheres the code?? I don't know where to find the seed number/code!!! Help plz email: [email protected] thx alot

And ya nvm

omg i fell into this giant dark hole when i was digging up something AND GOT HURT thnxs lol

Sweet World. The cave with the large amounts of ore also has lapis lazuli

dig down at x:59 y:19 z:209 all the way i found two dimond 8D

wait no 8 dimond 8D

Surface lave lake at x= -98 y= 65 z= 134

Can Someone tell me more Diamond locations? xD i only found the one in the screenshot xD

@darealdyl i doug down at your coordinates and i see no diamonds

I found about 20 blocks of clay at x=87.6, Y=66.6, z=104. At this point there are 5 clay blocks, but across the river are another 10 or 15. I forgot to count them while digging : but its an accurate number.

i fond 6 diamonds but i died stupid lava


Thank you

I realy like this seed! I made a brick House! OOO...... . Hello mr.herobrine(i realy fown herobrine!)

not good with coordinates do the coordinates on this screen account for beta 1.9 and do they use the F3 coordinates?

Hey Guys, My Location thingy isn't working. The red waves takes over the whole screen. Could someone circle on the map where this is? x: 23,9 | y: 12,7 | z: 195

Err.....So i take it the code is nether? IDK im new...

holy frick

LOL!!! all those minerals on one screen shot. I call this the shineist seed ever.*3*

Where do you find coal

Ok guys i just got this game on xbox and it doesnt have coordinates. what i want to know is if there are any dungeons on this seed, and if there is, then where? please if u can, tell me the location using landmarks, areas of the map, distance from spawn, idk whatever. i dont have coordinates so its really hard to find stuff. please help

This is one of my favorite seeds it has the largest underground tunnels ever I've been in one for 1 hour or so and didn't even scratch the surface. there is also a lava lake in the northeastern part(look on your map).

I can give a general idea of a few things ive found to x box users
1. West from your spawn point on the separate kinda island if u head strait that way you'll find a patch of stone right by a waterfall there is were the 6 iron are
2. from the spawn point there be a bunch of flat land go there then if you go north you'll see two holes pretty close to each other, there both huge caverns that I've found diamonds in
3. also southwest from spawn point along coast of second island thing there is a huge cave with plenty of resources in them.
4. also there's a couple caves that i haven't explored in the north
I'll let you know if i find any more interesting stuff.
Remember the sun rises in the east!!! very important

*And to fix earlier comment about lava lake its actually in the southeast

There's no such thing as natural blocks of any minerals, and coal/redstone blocks don't eve exist. Those are called ores, you can even search them in the minecraft wiki/forums.

epic i once found 20 diamonds in 4.34 mins no joke type ------> worstseedever <----- just like that and u spawn at a mob spawner (zombie) and search on you tube and u will fine it it will tell u were to go

Found clay on Xbox version:
X:64 y:67 z:126

There's also lapis lazuli in the ceiling at the first picture

CivilianFrTheWn Where you say there's clay in the xbox 360 version it's the sky above a small lake.

Thanks Bob this map the BEST!
I hope I can build a portal to the real Nether on here.

All hail the mighty Minecraft-Seed. $^*@ THERE'S A TON OF TREES HERE!!!

Found an abandoned mine at x:-202.4, y:46.0, z:390.1. Just beginning to explore it.

there is an abandone mine on the seed newworld1

This seed is really cool although I did not spawn where you said I would

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