Wasser Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Wasser

Wasser (-16,5 | 68,6 | 148,5) is perfect for you if you like islands. You start in a tree on a very small island with just a few trees and some flowers. You‘ve got everything you need: wood, dirt and on the island next to yours, there‘s a small mountain. By the way - Wasser is german and means Water.

Spawn points

X: -117 / Y: 65 / Z: 148
X: 92 / Y: 67 / Z: -98
X: -16 / Y: 68 / Z: 148


X: 410 / Y: 66 / Z: 21

It‘s a giant mountain with a canyon close to it. On top of this mountain you‘ll find some trees.

X: 340 / Y: 72 / Z: 31

Next to the canyon you can see a flying mountain. Indeed, it‘s connected with just one block.

X: 400 / Y: 70 / Z: 170

It‘s a lavafall. You‘ll find some coal next to it.

X: 250 / Y: 65 / Z: 66

You see a lake of lava there. The lake is close to some water so you‘re able to farm obsidian.

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Great! I'm not the only german! ;)

but what if u are...?

good one! but i cant find my way to the floating mountain held up by 1 block

Just press F3 and then walk until you are at the same coordinates.
It's close to the other locations too.

wow looks cool

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

Lol Hallo, Wasser Lots of german words

Merkwürdigerweise gibt es noch viel mehr englische Wörter

IS this a Pc seed or a Xbox360 seed or both plz tell

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