worstseedever Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: worstseedever

The only Spawnpoint in this seed spawns you right beside a dungeon, so make sure that you have peaceful mode on. There‘s also a lot of trees and green grass, but you wont find any mountains in a particular range.


X: -2 / Y: 64 / Z: 11

This is the dungeon mentioned before. The chest and monster-spawner are underneath some sand blocks so you have to remove them to get a saddle and whatnot. You can also enter a giant cave from the dungeon.

X: -15 / Y: 65 / Z: 15

Surface Iron. 20 Blocks away from the spawnpoint. Pretty comfortable.

X: 21 / Y: 67 / Z: -33

Again, some surface Iron as well as some surface coal.

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I found one like this, but instead I spawned on top of the sand that collapsed from under me. The seed was: Challenge Accepted

i like this seed

Archipelago But insanely weird... it is indeed the worstseedever

very nice map :D
4 gold at x=24 | y=12 | z=101
and 4 blocks of lapis lazuli at circa x=24 | y=15 | z=-96 :3

I only found one diamond block and I found a huge patch of obsidian

This Is more like the best seed ever cuz the dungeon has a HUGE cave with Redstone,Iron,Coal And SO MUCH MORE

Whats in the cave i know about it but is there anything real good in there?

Real good see though

This website FTW!!!!


Just bean on again and down the huge cave i got 13 diamonds!!!! you gotta have a phew lights and there all near lava and remember the way back cause im stuck with five lights and randomly going upwards! There must be every single gem rock in the game in the cave!!!

I live on this world now and i have found a huge cave system with 25 diamond!!!!!!!!!

OMG! Ok when you spawn go into dungeon. face towards chest. Mine through the left wall for 13 blocks forward then go straight down. you'll fall into another Dungeon!!

diamond at
x: -13
y: 13
z: 18
and at
x -3
y 12
z 25
and at
x 3.5
y 15
z 0

Total of 17 diamonds

x: -45
y:31 dungeones
z: 12
2x cocoa beans
2x iron
4x string
3x redstone
3x gunpowder
2x buckets

dungeon x 20 y 56 z 13
4x saddles!!
2x bread
2x buckets
2x gunpowder
2x cocoa
3x string
4x wheat

sorry it was x -20 y 56 z 13

Great map lots of starting resource near and if you block the monster spawner you can just grab the reward from the chest.

OMG!!!!!!! If you go to X=-20 Y=56 Z=13 and dig down you find another dungon with a chest of...
4x saddles
2x bread
4x wheat
2x cocoa beans
2x buckets
3x string
2x gunpowder

Also go to X: 13 Y: 60 Z: 13 to find a GIANT cave, i already found 20 dimaond and 30 gold bout still not done!


the seed name really doesn't fit with this world. it's the best seed ever. all the resources you need and you spawn right next to a dungeon. as long as you turn it to peaceful, get everything from the dungeon, get out, turn it to whatever level you want and continue. you get a jumpstart on the game!

Lisen to tfrozen cause if you dig into the cave you go to water somewhere and go to the end of it after go 4 or 5 steps forward dig down until you fall and look around the lava and find 3 DIAMOND SPORES DIG AROUND

okok, i found GOLD in peaceful in the huge cave.
i'm pretty sure you know what cave, the one with a bazillion paths!! i found freaking gold!!!! this is an awesome seed

If you go into the dungeon stand next to the spawner and dig 2 blocks down, you will mnow be in a small cave, move forward and you will find a second dungeon.

How to find easy iron here.

2.walk near the flat sand infront of you. it will cave in, to reaveal a Dungon. make swhure your on peacefull.
3. dig around till u find the chest and take everything!
4.get wood and make a crafting bench. place this anywhere u want.
5.create a iron pick axe with the iron from the dungon
6.look near the dungon and u will find some coal. mine the coal and u will find easy iron

there is also tons of stuff in the cave of the dungon

Whoever came up with this seed,they found the best seed ever,contradictory to its name. It has the richest caves ever and the most obsidian ive ever seen. this seed is epic! :-D

Lapis Lazuli + lots of iron (next to lava):

X 0.6
Y 13.6
Z 4.3

X -3.6
Y 12.8
Z 20.1


X -0.3
Y 13.2
Z 25.4

Lots of Redstone Ore:

X -13.7
Y 13.6
Z 22.8

Tons of Obsidian (under water):

X -6.7
Y 15
Z 14

@ Tricuspidgnome

The dungeon is at:
X -19.8
Y 55.6
Z 12.1

I found another seed in the cave, its near the waterfall and the mushrooms, if u face the waterfall turn right and mine 4 or 5 blocks, its got 2 chests. dont know the coordinates cuz when i press F3 red lines and shit comes up ( probaly cuz i hav a cracked 1) i found this by pressing f and i saw the mobspawner trough stone

Sorry i ment dungeon!!! lol!!!!

hmmm.... you know I never really liked this seed but I loved making zombies appear at night :D

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

Bestmapever! I built my house near the zombie spawner and then on the second day I found 12 diamonds and loads of iron! this place is full of ores! the problem is, I dont like the huge underground lavalake so I might dig a tunnel to a new cave system. I also found a dog but i couldnt tame it cos i was just getting more bones to tame it with when a creeper joined in and got attacked by a skeleton xD i got a music disc now :3

z-168 quite close to the spawn point if your not a fan of spiders dont go here :D spider spawner 2 chests 6!!!! buckets 3 saddles 5 gunpowder 2 cocoa beans 1 wheat and 1 bread :D

whats the seeed

found 27 diamonds in total in the cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! top that!

does anyone know the coordinates of that lava lake?

there is clay at
proving this to be the best seed ever!

more clay at and around

X 242
Y 66
Z -156
20 blocks of clay. Love this seed :D

hackzor were did you get the music disk??? btw if you want feathers build your house INSIDE the zombie spawner :D

I did the seed... But it is not like the one in the pictures!!! It does not contain a dungeon near the spawn point

I did the seed but it wasn't the one it showed :(

Does anyone know where some pumpkins are?

Anybody found a skeleton spawner yet? I would like some bones... Great seed btw

In the dungeon next to the spawn I found like 40 diamond in like 3 days.Try beating that and passing it on but say at the end hardcoresuriver posted this first

BEST.FUCKING.SEED.EVER.What is your facebook name?I wanna post some photos I took when in the above-ground dungeon to prove I found it.

@Avenge10 did you put a space inbetween the name?You aren't supposed to put spaces,you are supposed to type it ON YOUR OWN without spaces.I copied and pasted the name no dungeon near spawn.Typed it on my own BAM dungeon found!Trust me dude I was the first to buy the game.What do you think my username means?!

I fkin love this seed!! but, whenever i press f3 a bunch of red lines and shit poping up. anyway where is the waterfall?

Avenge10 there are pumpkins bye the lavalake. I have a cracked version so i dont have the coordinates, but ill try to explain it. Face the lavalake, turn left and go to the sand thing by it. Then backtrack a little and you should find some

hey guy i try it but it ****'s Up

I NEED SKELETON SPAWNER!!!! :( can't find one... Has anyone???!!! Cuz some1 found a spider one, it's in the comments

I thouht it was cool.I found a obsideon cave and dimond.I made a neather portal and fishing poled a pig man. F YOU PIG MAN. D-:

This Seeds Name Is SOO Wrong It Should Be Best Seed Ever!

Found 17 easy to reach dungeons!!!!!!!! ( with xray mod ) but i forgot the locations :D

Been playing this world alot. Found a skeleton spawner dungeon at x42 y25 z49. Great seed!

best seed ever i fond 15 DIAMONDS i love this seed

I get a completely different world when i type in the above seed. It's a shame becaus eI was looking forward to this playing this one.

I Have a Question:
Is there a way to make this work in 1.1?
Or could any of you link a Download of this World?

Can I re-post this seed with locations of diamonds and another dungeon?


Does anyone know coordinates for slime on this seed

Lots of clay at X: 371, Y: 66, Z: 172
Dungeon at X: -331, Y: 70, Z: -237 (can't remember what was in it though)

Dungeon: X: -329, Y: 59, Z: 256
Wheat x3
Iron x10
Gunpowder x4

Also a cave with tons on Coal. Already have 3 stacks and still looking. Cave is at X: -333, Y: 57, Z: 259 ( just cut through stone)

This is the BEST seed ever not the worst!!!!!!

does anyone know coords for slime chunks?
I found more than forty, maybe 50 diamonds

X: 186, Y: 65, Z: -35 There are 26 blocks of clay in this spot and it's also close to two other clay spots

Anyone know where slime chunks are?

i think there is a slime chunk in x:80 z:48 to x:112 z:64 but i havent checked

Dungeon!!!! X: -92, Y: 59, Z: -150

i need a npc village seed or cords because i have a friend who needs good stuff as soon as we start the game it sucks because he dies a lot


u are all saying cool things but in the first cave go all the way to the right and dig some gravel in total that will give u 20 diamonds and not 15 also in the hill behind u when u spawn are 2 more spawners and 2 more next to the spawn

hello minecraft Im looking for a music disk in this seed i would all your help finding a music disk its very hard thank and please get back to me would be brilliant thank :)!

please really need all your help people thats all i want would love your help :)

right i see no is helping me sill do a deal you help me find a cd and ill give you loads of tips tricks and where to find 6 dungeons on the worstseedever plz help and i will help you :)!

i really want some slime does anybody know the almost exact coordinates

dear holmezzy. Kill a creeper with a skeleton.Better explaination=iron sword=one hit on the creeper then leave it to the skeleton=stone sword is 2 hits=wooden sword=get a better weapon



i tryed this seed underlock it put me in a huge cave i put capital letters it put me to the most jesus temple made from sand that if you destroy a block it takes you to a room with 4 chest when you get all the chests it collapses and brings you to a big cave.

This is the worst seed ever!!!

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