wyvern6004 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: wyvern6004

I know my seed may not have epic flying hills or magnificent lavafalls but i think u will find some amazing things in this. I was inspired by Pockeylucky to type my username into the seed and came out with somthing amazing. I bearly scrached the serfuce of this map but in the hour i spent exploring this map i found two giant caves the went from the surface all the way to bedrock. Although i didnt go all the way down the caves i did have a few xray lags and saw magnificent lave forms and lake. This map seriously reminded me of the movie sanctume.

Spawn points

X: 4 / Y: 4 / Z: 0


X: -190 / Y: 110 / Z: 0

This is the first caves I explored. I didnt go all the way down the caverns but i say a lag x-ray of a giant coavern reaching all the way to bedrock. I also love the surounding land it was beautiful

X: -194 / Y: 646 / Z: 0

This cavern is just amazing i explored as far as i could before i almost exploded from excitement of getting this on the web. I walked les then 200 blocks down and found gold just sitting there. I also say and lag xray of the cavern and it was so big that it was another world down there.

X: 738 / Y: 335 / Z: 0

you have to go to this cavern the entrence is through a dungeon at the coordinates and just explore the cavern u wont be dissiponted. I found dimonds iron gold lupinz and coal in every section of this cavern and i didnt even dig

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i will be the first wyvern60004. ive gone to this map and its preety decent map. i found a big ass diamond cavern but didnt record cords soory :(

Blaaaargh! Cool map btw :) Huge caverns too. I already have all diamond tools :D and now I have got glowstone and netherrack!

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