-1535209430 Minecraft Beta 1.8 - Beta 1.8.1 Seed

Seed Code: -1535209430

This excellent seed has beautiful terrain, many rare items such as surface dungeons and lava lakes, and underground canyon mazes. You spawn in a lake as well. Note that you can type "divide by zero" (no quotation marks) into the seed slot to get the same thing.

Spawn points

X: 109 / Y: 68 / Z: 212


X: 374 / Y: 65 / Z: 154

TWO lava lakes...almost right next to each other!!! The coordinates cover the lake at the desert, the other is at

X: 282 / Y: 117 / Z: 356

Here are some surface dungeons-4 of them, and two connected!!! I have not checked out what spawners they are or the contents of the chests. There is also a nearby lava lake (NOT one of the above) around (547), (65), (491).

X: 550 / Y: 64 / Z: 236

This is one of the ravines right next to the NPC Village in the preview image. It has an exposed abandoned mineshaft. There is also another ravine at (-78), (69), (575) that has lava, and a hole to a large maze of interconnecting underground ravines.

X: -315 / Y: 64 / Z: 318

Two large pumpkin patches! If you want three more pumpkins, travel to (263), (67), (596).

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one of the dungeons does not hve a chest!!?? WWWWTTTTFFFF!!!!

hey can u give me the exact location of the four doungeouns if u can that will be great

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