-1767412485926484027 Minecraft Beta 1.8 - Beta 1.8.1 Seed

Seed Code: -1767412485926484027

This is the first 1.8 Seed that we did for this Website. Hopefully the first of many.
The Seed is basicially an survival island in the middle of the ocean, good luck!

Spawn points

X: -339 / Y: 67 / Z: 220


X: -339 / Y: 57 / Z: 220

Your spawnpoint is the survival island.

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Wow, very interesting and challenging. Only one tree and no animals. Food might be a little problem.

thanks a lot for this seed its just what im looking for

i carnt find it

you didnt find what ?

I was exploring the world with a boat a bit because of making a bed. Little few land masses (islands), without any trees and animals, but squids. So, no bed for me. I have to correct my first comment to: This is a REAL challenge!

I had sheep on my island as well as enough wood cause i planted the saplings from the single tree.

@Admin: Yes, I have planted the saplings, of course. :) Now I'm living in a tree house (of horrors :D) trying to make the best of my sleepless nights.

nice work finding out this map :) the only problem as @Zipclaw said is that in 1.8 we need food xP

hey guys if ur playing this offline you can fish :D i just remembered! btw kill spiders! they give u teh materials to make a fishing rod

Nice idea! Didnt think of that


You're welcome

if you had pams food and mo creatures this would be a sick ssp map

If you try this seed in the 1.9 PreRelease, you might be dissapointed, that it generates a complete different world. So it seems to be a 1.8.x-only seed. :(

how do i download it?

Download what?

hey that is such a cool map! I love you're texture pack too can i please have the name of what it is? Thanks so much.

DokuCraft + Water shader

a very very very large mine and cave sistem with tons of iron diamond coal and gold!
is underwater at x: -309 y: -36

sorry for last coment in at x: -309 z: -36
an dig underwater at x: -327 z: 235

Much funnier is PI (π) as written number as far as possible in the generator ;)
welcome to the cricle of an island :P

In beta 1.7.3 or 1.8, i tried it in beta 1.8 and it didnt work :(

this island is much too small, 1172690996712307224 is much bigger

Interesting, i played it with 1.8.1
but okay, i maybe found the "problem" it is "-915770770" when i press f3 ingame. sorry it's new for me with the seeds ^^'

PS: the circle i mentioned was ironical because of Pi, how i got the island :)
thats now enough with the comments hijack ^^

hey this is so cool try to make more seeds please!

I like this seed as i can see you like making cool seeds and survival seeds.I enjoy this seed a lot try to make another one.PS i have the russia herobrine uniform.Please..... enjoy this comment and good luck making good seeds that everybody likes!

I have the answer kill zombies to get flesh so you can eat all you want. Watch out for creepers and enderman and this is so challeging but very easy.

you guys should try --aas.

hey guys you should also try d740n it has a npc villige you will spawn in half desert and forest you should hit would hit wolfs to find yuor way to one of the surface monster spawners there are three of them the third is hidden hint a hole in the ground or the lave fall or npc villige warning in the third one you will find a cave and in the first or second you will find coal there are also something that looks like the fountain of youth from pirates. it has some coal.In the middle of no where you will find iron ore. The cows were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also if you have questions about 1.9 ask me! Ill tell you some stuff please dont ask me the same question twice or more!

No animals seem to spawn for me... but hostiles do. I only recently found Iron, after I dug a hole to bedrock.
But, very good seed. +1 respect to whoever found it.

Hey I had a hit it was single player I think it is herobrines revenge!

No it is not normal or hard or easy!

Make, a seed with 1.9.1 and 1.10.1 :D

Guys i went to the nether!

Iron right on the Surface @
x: -328
y: 61
z: 213

Have fun :)

if you ave a food problem you can download invedit and get yourself food.
dont try to get something else it will just spoil all the fun of the seed i tried to get some mats and it went from intresting to boring :|

alot of coal
-x 325
y 47
z 219
youl need about 2 wooden pickaxes or 1 stone pickaxe i think

wheres the dld link?

When creating a world you just have to enter this Seedcode: -1767412485926484027

this is so nice seed there is no grass on ocean im late on islland noooo!!!!!

17 coal at -x323
have fun

guys i think minecraft is going to have a big problem!

I have got a seed of the best island I can imagine. It got also very nice underground. It was created at ver 1.9pre4.
The seed is following: 6729734541801983524

To Zipclaw:
You can create Wool out of spider Strings to get a bed. I think on islands in the sea area animals don't spawn, so it is a challenge, ya. Enemies spawn normally.

i found anoher island, i was exploring the area with a boat and suddenly a found another island i just have to go to 4 blocks of sand that point out of the see a little and look around u will see it! (u can see the sand form the original island)

I've played this seed for a while and if you go away from the island you'll find a few more with trees and richer ore deposits. The best of these islands is near the coordinates X:5000, Z: 250. It's really far out there but worth it.

And I've never seen any animals on the 50+ islands out there so it is a bit of a challenge but really fun. Good luck.

what is the seed

hi thumbs up

it looks awesome :)

but mine is obviously better

is this a different texture pack other than default

The seed should be called forever alone

endermans must hate that place

I don't spawn on the island =(

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