-9106092924538173618 Minecraft Beta 1.8 - Beta 1.8.1 Seed

Seed Code: -9106092924538173618

This is an giant ocean world with a few islands and bugs. You could use this as a survival Seed because the next tree is miles away from your spawnpoint. Check out the cartograph map to see what I mean. What you see on the preview image is the biggest landmass you'll see in this Seed.

Spawn points

X: 13 / Y: 66 / Z: -781


X: 291 / Y: 55 / Z: -908

These strange three air things are created everytime, they look really weird, you should check them out in creative mode.

X: 291 / Y: 55 / Z: -908

A view from inside of them, it's just like air blocks underwater.

X: -106 / Y: 40 / Z: -1,204

An abandoned mine underwater. Apparently cobwebs are immune to water.

X: 218 / Y: 72 / Z: -700

The ONLY tree on this whole Seed.

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At least the One tree dropped 9 saplings for me ;)

found a dungeon at x -163 y 24 z -1250

I tested the map. I made a little farm's of Trees and wheat on two different islands. Pretty Useful.
Thumbs Up!

I went under an island and found a cave full of 13 pigs it was like WTF

cool! it somehow does not work for me...


i didnt find thoes water things.

Found a continent about 1,600 meters north of spawn. Apparently this is an ocean biome, which are always huge and aren't uncommon for a spawn point in 1.8.

I just tried this in my 1.9 Pre-Release 4 game and it came up with something amazing. A few land formations (floating, with cows on them (cows not guaranteed)) right beside the spawn with a lava lake below them and a village visible on the desert in the distance.

Sorry, lava-fall ONTO a lake. x.x

Tried this seed. Spawned me on a lush continent with many, many trees, pigs, chickens, sugar cane, and all sorts of villages and mine shafts. Whee! Deleted that world and tried the same seed again and got what you see described on this page (ie what the author intended). So its not all bad if you explore beyond the horizon.

I saw 2 trees on cartograph map

i like this map seed especially because i like survival to be harrrrrrrrrrd!!!

Where is the abandoned mine? I am new in the game and i don't understand x: -106 | y: 40 | z: -1204

i was about to say, i hope you'd tell us were that tree was.

I tried and I spawned in the biggest jungle I have EVER seen!

Thank god for saplings

i saw 2 trees on the cartograph one on the big island and one in the top middle

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