hardcore Minecraft Beta 1.8 - Beta 1.8.1 Seed

Seed Code: hardcore

This seed spawns you right infront of an NPC Village. Sometimes animals will spawn on the roof!

Spawn points

X: 84 / Y: 68 / Z: 268


X: 83 / Y: 70 / Z: 316

The village.

X: 120 / Y: 65 / Z: 277


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this seeds look cool but this seed is in hardcore or in survive or creative because it looks dangerous cause i like better desserts biomess you know with sand cactus water [more cactus] i like better cause i can probe my self in battle to mobs not like forest that have dangers day and nigth day with tunderstorms night from mobs but i have a mod that lets me sleep at day time and not in night time or did my dog played with computer again or not or virus or ghast :[

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