Nandemo Minecraft Beta 1.8 - Beta 1.8.1 Seed

Seed Code: Nandemo

With this seed, you'll get a nice little village near a giantic cave system with mine shafts, ores and all the stuff. If you liked the last seed, you will love this one too.

Spawn points

X: 115 / Y: 73 / Z: 238


X: 254 / Y: 64 / Z: 66

The small village mentioned above. The entrance to the cave system is right here, you will have go down there and then follow the tunnel until you spot another shaft that reaches down from above. Just go down there and youll find the cave system.

X: 228 / Y: 37 / Z: 31

Although I've seen quite a bunch of cool caves, this still is very impressive. It's nothing more but the grand canyon goin underground. With a floor out of lava and many waterfalls that grant you some nice obsidian.

X: 268 / Y: 20 / Z: 54

Hey, look a dungeon!With a box! Whats in the box? gold? music disks? golden apples?... ..... ..... Diamonds???
oh. Bread, gunpowder, string and saddle. Even...better...than expected...

X: 313 / Y: 64 / Z: 38

We haven't had some for quite a time now. Did you miss them? I know you did. Beside, there is a lake that is actually pretty deep, so you cold build a pineapple or anything...

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dude i think H.I.M is coming back.I have seen fog in mineshafts,mushrooms underground,dead monsters that i did not kill,broken mushrooms that i did not brake,and orbs that i did not kill mobs for!tell your friends if i say bad in next comment.

Can u plz tell me how this works? i need help whenever i type in the seed in doesn't work. plz tell me how

Make sure that you 1. copy the seed name and paste it to "create new world" > "more world options" > "seed for the world generator" ,
and 2. that you press F3 to show the coordinates and walk to the coordinates given in the seed description.

It seems pretty cool im totally using this

I can't tell if it's working or not...

I did find some pumpkins... I found a chest with 2 saddles, redstone, and other various stuff next to the cage with the flamey thingy inside it.. yet when I go to the coords of the village, I'm standing on a shelf of ice. ?

Bueller? Anyone know?

isn't the village in 1.8?

Yeah you're right! Fixed it, thanks.

hi im new here soo...is this downloadable or something? like how i use this?

nope. here is the answer:
fog appears when really deep underground
mushrooms appear underground.
mushrooms brake when exposed to light.
last one: you are just making the whole "monsters dead and experience orbs that i did not cause!"
thing. and, herobrine never came back. he never existed. it was just a story.
And last of all, you are an idiot.

How do you put up seeds in this website? Because im new to this website and i have a seed to put up and the seed is gimmeabreak. it spawns you in a NPC Village.

Who is H.I.M? you mean Herobrine?

your jammy

is this fr alpha, beta

What is the seed #?????
And what texture pack is recommended?

The Seed is Nandemo and we use DokuCraft - The saga continues texture pack.

This is such nice seed. i am waiting for updatet please

this is a prety bad ass seed if i must say so my self

to racer677 ya H.I.M is back im him i put mushrooms in caves i broke them i kill monsters(who doesnt)but the fog i cant explain probly a glitch

Its a bad seed its a lie i spelled it right and the hole maps a artic wastland.



Not the best seed. That's and overstatement.

im kinda new and i dont know wat todo i wanna check this out but where is the seed ????

where is this arctic wasteland dragon jonatone was talkin bout

Dude i never saw herobrine

I want beta minecraft and 1.9 beta looks epic so does alpha, ive been searching but there is never ANY reliable sites....EVER....if there ever where
Beta is the best out of the three in sure though

near my spawnpoint i found a HUGE lavalake at the surface burning down the forest X: -183 Y: 74 Z: 251 this spawns u in a safe distance from the lava!

i tred to do the dungen and I followd everything but I cant get X: 268 / Y: 20 / Z: 54 but if I get z:54 the I get x:316 can u pls help me get it btw I love ur other seeds

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