Acaia villages, desert villages, temple, dungeon, 7 villages

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed Village Seeds

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This is one of the most impressive village seeds I've yet to encounter. When you spawn, there is a desert village dead ahead with blacksmith. Continue strait and you will cross into acacia, with a nice village. Just around the hill and almost touching paths is yet another very large village on a river, very chopped up with underground gardens. Depending on seed generation, the dungeon below the well may appear ABOVE GROUND. Trippy! Continue a bit further and you will come to the third acacia town. This one is nice and flat and well laid out.
There are three MORE villages. At the spawn point, follow the coast to your right. You will come to a very very large village, with 15 gardens. There are two more villages very close by. One is an acacia village in the desert.
Only the spawn point village has a blacksmith.
To find the temple, from the spawn point follow the coast left. You will have a couple of river crossings. The temple is not buried in like many, making it easy to spot. The treasure contains no diamonds. Just spell books gold and bones.
Use caution near the spawn point village. There is a sand drop trap into lava on the far side of the village, behind the blacksmith by 10 or 15 blocks.
I really like modifying the town's that are all chopped up with impossible elevation changes. The one weird town actually goes all the way over the hill.

Seed Code: 226286401

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