Huge Abandoned Village near spawnMinecraft Pocket Edition Seed

- I was flying in creative so do ignore the y coordination*

Village is in savannah biome

You will need to go across the hill
The village includes:

- two blacksmiths

*red circle is the middle of village
coordinates are a bit higher since I was in creative mode

Seed Code: 381173307


X: 1,091 / Y: 117 / Z: 98

part of the village on top of the hill

X: 1,042 / Y: 113 / Z: 101

middle of village

X: 1,035 / Y: 113 / Z: 142

left side of village, near desert

X: 1,030 / Y: 113 / Z: 58

right side of village, has blacksmith

X: 1,007 / Y: 113 / Z: 97

many farms, has another blacksmith

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