Ice spike village Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed

Seed Code: 1410403532

This is a ice spike village hint the name ok u will the first thing u need to do when u spawn is find the snow but don't move from spawn go directly behind you from spawn also there is a igloo just out side the village oh and take the carpet out of the igloo p.s. The X Y Z aren't real it just made me put it in

Spawn points

Works with Minecraft Pocket Edition
X: 1 / Y: 1 / Z: 1
X: 1 / Y: 1 / Z: 1
X: 1 / Y: 1 / Z: 1
X: 4 / Y: 4 / Z: 5


X: 1 / Y: 2 / Z: 3

Hey it's fake not the seed

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