Jungle Love

17,330 views • Dec 11, 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed Jungle Seeds

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This was a random seed that fired up when I was trying out Minecraft on my Android phone for the first time. The big thing is that you are plopped right in front of a Jungle Temple.

This is a perfect shortcut to having a nice home/base in the game. Slap some doors in the front of the temple, clean it up a bit and you have a comfy and blast-resistant home.

Water is nearby--behind you when you first spawn. There are melons to your right near the temple as well. Another plus is when you clear out the traps, you will have some Redstone, levers, tripwire hooks, a couple of dispensers, two sticky pistons, chests and loot.

I have not yet explored this fully and the /locate command seems to indicate a lot of good stuff is a bit far out--but that is what Nether travel is for anyway.

This was tested with Bedrock Edition (1.2.6) on both Android and Windows 10.

Seed Code: -1719962873

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