Rugged Terrain & Birch Forest!Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed

Huge rugged terrain and cloud filled mountain tops! Great for challenging survival world, and other numerous building spots (mountain house, cave system, etc.)

Tested on MCPE 1.16.5

Seed Code: Hyrdogen2Oxygen

Spawn points

X: 44 / Y: 74 / Z: 4


X: -40 / Y: 120 / Z: 276

At this point, you’ve arrived at the hotspot of this seed. Just locate the mountain pass which is right around the corner and you’ve found your paradise.

X: -57 / Y: 147 / Z: 334

You’re in the clouds, and now you can get a top view of the area. You can see a cave and waterfall, and some floating features around.

X: 102 / Y: 126 / Z: 276

This is a view of a long and big ridge that also has a lava fall at the base of the ridge. This is by far one of the most scenic parts of this seed.

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