Top 20 Minecraft PE Seeds 0.14 Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed

Seed Code: -36599876

Top 20 Awesome Minecraft PE Seeds 0.14

Seed 20: -36599876
Amazing jungle village

Seed 19: -1060246543
Awesome Double Island village seed

Seed 18: 1790482542
Cool Snow Village Spawn

Seed 17: 66898262
Amazing Village Spawn, Stronghold under village well

Seed 16: -1965058952
Cool Jungle Village by spawn

Seed 15: 23113
Cool snow npc village near spawn

Seed 14: 65603
Awesome Ocean Village Spawn

Seed 13: 1670489108
Spawn near a village with a half buried black smith house

Seed 12: 792444040
Awesome Extreme hills mountain formations

Seed 11: 22216570
Cool Desert Mountain Village Spawn

Seed 10: -12587
Amazing Savannah Mountain Village near spawn, mesa biome

Seed 9: -355602562
3 Desert Temples, Village at spawn

Seed 8: -686609368
Cool Mushroom Village spawn

Seed 7: 108685930
2 villages by spawn, dig down by well for stronghold by spawn

Seed 6: 750505317
spawn on a survival island with a variety of tree's to choose from.

Seed 5: 1408803813
Amazing Ice Spike Snow Village MCPE Seeds near spawn

Seed 4: 1631701723
Cool triple survival island seed birch, oak tree's spawn

Seed 3: 1410403532
Cool Ice Spike village mcpe seed

Seed 2: 1969012155
Mesa jungle biome spawn minecraft pe seed

Seed 1: 1495886166
Triple village spawn, 2 more nearby Villages

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