Minecraft Username: McAfreak
Location: Utah, United States
Interests: music, writing, programming

About: I love to play Minecraft for the sheer beauty of it all. I try to do creative things, but I usually end up just admiring the scenery and not really wanting to touch it (unless I'm caving - then I'll make it so I know where I've been, and I'll carve out a base or two).

I have created many worlds, often trying to find the perfect one. Every world has been "perfect" in its own sense, and therefore I have a large collection of worlds I can't bring myself to delete. I will try to make worlds for combat, then end up finding a village and tending to it instead of fighting monsters. I'll create a world for building cool things and find that it's way too cool to build on (at least on the large scale that I want to).

I was very glad when superflat came out so I could do some of my art there. Still, I have worlds where I can exercise my full creativity in making lost civilizations, large tree forts, mountain fortresses, and so much more. It's always amazing to see how I transform each world. I quite enjoy it.

I also enjoy Homestuck (MS Paint Adventures), and my current skin (as of this writing) is one I created of Sollux Captor. It is bound to change soon (just to look a bit better).

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