While an official release date for the much-anticipated 1.7 update isn’t known yet, the Minecraft development team has been releasing weekly snapshots over the last couple of months. So far, the fans are responding well to the weekly snapshots, although there is some restlessness over the lack of an official release date.

Each weekly snapshot not only fixes a number of bugs, but show off various features that are planned for the extremely ambitious 1.7 update. The biggest change that will be coming in the 1.7 update is a complete overhaul of the world generation system, resulting in both substantial changes to existing biomes and the addition of many new biomes such as Mesa, Sunflower Plains, Taiga, and Ice Plains. There will also be new achievements and an overhaul of the fishing system.

The sunflower got a lot of buzz when it was announced, although it’s not the only new item in the 1.7 update. There are many new flowers, such as tulips, poppies, and blue orchids, all of which can be turned into various dyes. The overhaul to the fishing system will also bring in new fish such as the Pufferfish, which will poison your character if you eat it, but it can also be used to craft a water-breathing potion. You’ll also be able to make stained glass windows. Fans of Adventure Mode will be happy to hear that the 256-character Command block limit will be lifted, which will hopefully allow for more creative adventures.

All in all, diehard Minecraft fans are already foaming at the mouth for the 1.7 update, and with all these new features, who could blame them? Whenever the update hits, it’s sure to keep Minecraft players satisfied.