Flappy Bird on Minecraft

Remember Flappy Bird? It’s that infuriating and super addictive game in which you fly a bird through a side scrolling map of pipes. It was just barely discontinued earlier this month by its creator, Dong Nguyen. According to Nguyen, Flappy Bird was too addictive. Well, lucky for you Flappy Bird addicted fans, Flappy Bird is […]

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Expand Your Horizons; Try a Minecraft PvP Server

Minecraft, the endless open-world sandbox game. At first glance it seems like a person would never run out of things to do. But once you’ve built your builds, mined huge amounts of diamond, maybe even defeated the ender dragon, things seem to run aground. And then, it can get a little lonely and dull. So […]

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Minecraft – A Teaching Aid in the Classroom

The idea of playing video and computer games in the classroom is not new. According to a national survey of 500 teachers who use digital games in the classroom, 32% said that they use them 2-4 times a week, 18% use them every day and 70% of these teachers said the games increased students’ motivation […]

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Minecraft Helps with Social Skills

Video games have earned a bad reputation for creating socially inept people with undeveloped social skills. The thought process behind this antiquated notion comes from the vision of individuals isolating themselves to play a game alone in a room. But Minecraft has changed the minds of many parents today. The culture of the game goes on […]

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