Check out some of the most popular 1.11 seeds from all around the web. From survival islands to highly resourceful biomes—we’ve compiled them all!

1.11 Seed Code: 3569549537873689641

This seed has become renowned for its proximity to various biomes. When using this code, you spawn near a village and each biome is a few 100 blocks away. Posted by moonlam on reddit, this seed instantly got recognized as a highly resourceful find. However, some users claim that the biomes aren’t as accessible as they seem—and this seed might be more challenging than it appears. Why not test it and decide for yourself if this seed is worth saving!

1.11 Seed Code: 7035785401815427633

Originally posted by ImaSaint on reddit, many users have demonstrated an interest in this seed’s varied terrains and gorgeous views. Although it’s challenging, several users have claimed to have successfully built houses on the mountainous range—here’s your chance to try it yourself!

1.11 Seed Code: -7738856806231335535

Coordinates to spawn in mesa: X: -155 / Y: 66 / Z: 26

This seed was posted by one of our very own users, CodeLight, and has been recognized for its option to be spawned in a mesa biome. This type of biome has been in high demand due to its rarity and access to unique resources. Here’s your chance to try it for yourself and see if it’s worth the hype!

1.11 Seed Code: 5851054577065889878

Here’s another popular seed that was posted on our website by akirby80. The seed spawns you near 2 villages—one is placed above a mineshaft, which is connected to a ravine full of ores and loot! Check out how to spawn in specific spots by clicking here.