We’ve put together a list of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.15 PC and Java for you to enjoy. Minecraft 1.15 has been out for just a little over 4 months now, with the latest stable release being Minecraft 1.15.2.

Huge Mansion and Mushroom Island

Huge Mansion and Mushroom Island Seed by akirby80

akirby80 filmed this seed in Minecraft 1.15.2 and it has a mansion, mushroom island, village, pillager outpost, and stronghold all near each other. Check out akirby80’s video exploring the seed on the original post.

Seed Code: -105944925625033061

Desert Village with Outpost

Desert Village with Outpost Seed by TheDeen

TheDeen contributed this seed through our website and it features a huge desert village with a pillager outpost on the north side. There’s more pillager outposts, ravines, and mines in this seed to check out – view the original post.

Seed Code: 7602981260392216746

Shattered Savannah Island

Shattered Savannah Island Seed by AcidMonkey

This huge savannah island seed contributed by AcidMonkey has a uniquely shaped island with a low center perfect for building. Explore this seed on the original post.

Seed Code: -1691393732683165278

Zombie Village in Badlands

Zombie Village in Badlands Seed by RIPPsico

RIPPsico shared this seed featuring a huge zombie village in a badlands biome. There’s also 3 churches, a mineshaft, 2 spawn points, and more for you to explore on the original post.

Seed Code: 736762018127588011

Survival Island with No Trees

Survival Island Seed by cech12

This extreme survival seed was shared by cech12 and has no trees but does have a few chickens and turtles. Will you find the resources to survive? Explore the seed on the original post.

Seed Code: 5680624077289371785

We hope you enjoy this list! If you want to get more seed codes check out all of Minecraft 1.15 seeds.