Today we would like to announce to all of you the opening of our brand new Minecraft website,! CraftHQ is our new Minecraft website for sharing skins, texture packs, mods, creations, ideas, and requests.

Share Skins, Mods, Resource Packs, and Creations

Let your work be known and appreciated! Use our simple submissions forms to upload the skin, mod, resource pack, or creation you worked on and even gain points for sharing it with the community!

Ideas and Requests

Ever had an idea for a mod but had no coding skill? Need a big group of people to help you construct a 1:1 model of Sweden? Our ideas and requests sections are here to help! Now, you can upload your idea or request to our site and other users can comment on it or send you a private message to work together with you or make your dream a reality.

Ranking System

We have created a ranking system for users to show off! Receive points every time you submit Minecraft content and even more points every time someone likes, favorites, views, or downloads your Minecraft resource. This will help the best contributors stand out and help you show off your contribution to the community.

Download, view, and share the best Minecraft resources today at!