Minecraft, the endless open-world sandbox game. At first glance it seems like a person would never run out of things to do. But once you’ve built your builds, mined huge amounts of diamond, maybe even defeated the ender dragon, things seem to run aground. And then, it can get a little lonely and dull. So why not check out Minecrafts free online server capabilities? Better yet, join a PvP server, and play with people from all over the world!

On a PvP server, you will not last long if your builds aren’t clever and well disguised. People are allowed to hunt down other players bases, and raid your loot! Be cautious and lay low until you’re armed enough to defend yourself.

Servers like KrakenPvP have plug-in’s such as the faction plug-in. Players are encouraged to fight in the wilds, and also to create groups or ‘factions’ and war against each other. You can also ally and enemy other factions, protect your groups land, be a peaceful faction, or take over factions less powerful than your own.

Another plug-in you may run into on a PvP server is mcMMO, which gives Minecraft an RPG style leveling system. Players can dedicate time to level their mining, excavation, repair, and other skills to acquire helpful in-game perks, such as doubling the drops you mine. An mcMMO leaderboard is kept which all players can access to see who has the highest overall score.

Servers may also have in-game shops and minigames for players to enjoy such as spleefing, parkour areas, mob arenas, 1v1 matches, capture the flag, hunger games arenas, and more.

The great thing about MC servers is that each one is different. Some allow PvP but no raiding, some are totally peaceful, and some just let you do whatever you want. Why not try a few servers and see what kind appeals to you the most.