Remember Flappy Bird? It’s that infuriating and super addictive game in which you fly a bird through a side scrolling map of pipes. It was just barely discontinued earlier this month by its creator, Dong Nguyen. According to Nguyen, Flappy Bird was too addictive. Well, lucky for you Flappy Bird addicted fans, Flappy Bird is back. And you can play it anytime through Minecraft.

The actual gameplay is pretty accurate. In the original Flappy Bird, you had to tap the screen to make the bird fly up. Likewise, in Minecraft’s version, you have to make your character tap a button in order to keep the bird flying up. It sticks to the side scrolling game play and the 2D retro style graphics. The maps for each level are randomly generated. So if you hit a pipe and die (as in the original), you restart the game on a different map. This has its benefits, as you don’t have be stuck on the same difficult level over and over again.

To play Flappy Bird in Minecraft, you’ll need the 1.80 version. Once you download the map, save it to your Minecraft folder. Reload the game and you should be able to have access. If you try playing without the updated 1.80 version, half of the Flappy Bird level won’t show.

The creator of the Flappy Bird Minecraft version commented that he created it out of boredom. It’s no surprise, however, that shortly after the original Flappy Bird was discontinued and no longer available for download, that someone came up with its recreation through Minecraft. We can only expect Minecraft’s version of Flappy Bird to only grow from here.

It’s doubtful that Flappy Bird’s original creator, Dong Nguyen is pleased with this new Minecraft development. But there is no doubt that both Flappy Bird and Minecraft fans alike will enjoy hours of flying a little bird through an obstacle course of pipes.