On our website, Minecraft seeds are shared by using their respective Minecraft seed codes, but there is in fact another way of sharing seeds that does not require the Minecraft seed code. This method involves downloading the actual Minecraft seed world files from the Internet. If you’d rather see a video outlining the steps, just scroll to the bottom of the post.

The goal with this guide is to get a Minecraft world map from the internet and put it into your Minecraft saves so you can open it up in the game and play with it.

First things first, you need to find the Minecraft world that you want to download. There are many websites that host Minecraft worlds, and we recommend you check out the seed thread on Minecraft Forums (http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/50-seeds/). Note, however, that some Minecraft maps may need mods in order to function properly, so be sure to find out what mods the Minecraft map needs and install them before you install it on your computer.

Now that you’ve found the Minecraft seed, the next step is to download it to a place on your computer so you can move it later. Usually, files downloaded from the Internet are located in the “Downloads” folder.

Once the Minecraft seed has been downloaded, locate it on your computer and, if necessary, unzip the seed to a folder. If you don’t have a program to unzip files, we recommend WinRAR or 7Zip, although Windows should be able to unzip .zip files by default.

The next step is to move the Minecraft world folder you’ve extracted to your Minecraft saves folder. Depending on the operating system your computer uses, the Minecraft saves folder can be located in different places, so here we’ve included the locations for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\saves
Mac OSX: /Users/*yourusername*/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/
Linux: `/.minecraft/saves

Now, simply move the extracted folder to the Minecraft saves folder. If you want, you can rename the folder, and this will change the name that appears in Minecraft when you search through your Minecraft worlds.

That’s it! Now you can go ahead and start up Minecraft to enjoy your newly downloaded Minecraft seed.

Hopefully this guide helps you all. We’re going to post another article about how to upload a Minecraft world you created so others can use it soon!