How do I create a Minecraft seed code?

There are one of two ways in which you can create a Minecraft seed code:

1. When creating a new world world, you can let Minecraft generate one for you, simply by hitting the "Create New World" button in the Minecraft menu. This will create a random seed code which you can retrieve by typing /seed into the chat.

2. When creating a new world you can also put in a code in the "Seed for the World Generator" text area (Located after clicking the "More World Options" button), and this will create a world around that seed code. Of course, you might be using a seed that has already been created (which you can look up on this site to see) or you might have a new one.

Regardless of how you create the Minecraft seed code, if you like it, please share it on this site for all of us to enjoy!

How can I be featured on the home page?

There are a few things we require of a seed uploader before they can be featured on the home page, in order to ensure our users receive high quality recommendations.

- You must have uploaded at least 10 seeds.
- You must have uploaded at least one seed in the past month (more helps!).

If you fulfill these requirements, you will definitely appear on our homepage for some of our users. The selection process is random, and takes other factors into consideration in order to tailor the recommendations to each user, but you can be sure if you meet those requirements you will get more exposure!

How do I upload a Minecraft seed code to the website?

If you are registered at his site, simply navigate to and fill out the form. Be sure to include all the necessary details when submitting the Minecraft seed code.

If you are not registered, you need to sign up at Once you've signed up you'll be able to go the the page above and submit your Minecraft seed code.