Minecraft 1.7 Update Sneak Peak

This is the first of our many articles about Minecraft updates. Hopefully you all find these articles useful! First of all, Jeb has announced in a tweet that he has introduced a new type of flower into the game: sunflowers! Aside from standing tall and looking pretty, they always face east. This is a great […]

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How Minecraft Seeds Work

Minecraft uses a special algorithm to generate massive, seemingly random worlds. The Minecraft world generator does this by randomly assigning values, which are known as Minecraft seed codes, or simply Minecraft seeds. A seed of a randomly generated world can be viewed by typing the command /seed. Once you have the Minecraft seed codes for […]

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How to Download and Install Minecraft Seeds

On our website, Minecraft seeds are shared by using their respective Minecraft seed codes, but there is in fact another way of sharing seeds that does not require the Minecraft seed code. This method involves downloading the actual Minecraft seed world files from the Internet. If you’d rather see a video outlining the steps, just […]

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