Casino Seeds Royale

For Minecraft High-Rollers Only Online Casino Arcades have been getting a lot of attention lately, mainly because their increasing popularity is beginning to threaten the live establishments that house games such as poker, blackjack, slots, and even bingo. Of course, the numbers trooping to the online platforms are coming from the ranks of us Generation […]

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Beta Program: Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been out for iPhone for quite some time, but Android devices have never seen Mojang’s software on it yet. Now, Mojang is looking for beta testers for the Android app, and below they’ve outlined how to get into the beta! “Today, we’re launching a beta for Minecraft Pocket Edition that’s open […]

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Notch Interview on Craig Ferguson

A few days ago, while Markus “Notch” Persson was in the United States, he went on his very first late night show ever. He was interviewed by Craig Ferguson and the interview is a must see for any true Minecraft fan. It’s pretty hilarious and takes a lot of twists and turns, so check it out!

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Minecon 2013 Orlando

On November 2, 2013 the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida hosted a completely sold-out convention whose attendees were enthusiasts of the game Minecraft and its players. The main idea behind the annual convention is to create a meeting place for the large community of members who participate with the video game. Lydia Winters […]

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