Minecraft as an Educational Tool

As both the modding community and the number of Minecraft players has grown, many people have begun using the game as an educational tool as well as a video game. While the use of video games as educational tools is still controversial in academic circles and so-called educational video games are routinely mocked by the […]

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A Preview of Minecraft 1.7

While an official release date for the much-anticipated 1.7 update isn’t known yet, the Minecraft development team has been releasing weekly snapshots over the last couple of months. So far, the fans are responding well to the weekly snapshots, although there is some restlessness over the lack of an official release date. Each weekly snapshot […]

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What Are Minecraft Realms?

One of the biggest perks of playing Minecraft is the ability to play on a public server over the Internet. It’s a great tool to encourage cooperation between players, although, like most things on the Internet, there are people out there who are just out to ruin it for everyone else. Minecraft Realms is a […]

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Minecraft Seeds Fully Responsive Design

Today we have completed the development of the mobile version of Minecraft Seeds. Now, when anyone accesses the website from a mobile device (iPhone, Android phone, any smartphone!) and they’ll instantly see the device work seamlessly on any screen size. Hopefully this makes the website more useful for all of you. Visit Minecraft Seeds from […]

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