The Minecraft Closed Map Experiment

To the casual observer Minecraft is an open world sandbox game with graphics like a throwback to the days of Paper Boy. But as a handful of players discovered Minecraft can also be used as an analogy to our own world, and almost scarily so. Thirty players volunteered to take part in something called the […]

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Is Cheating in Minecraft a Thing?: The Logic Block Debate in One Weird Metaphor

When we posted about the (potentially) evil genius who built a 3D printer in Minecraft, we seem to have missed an important point.  Maybe you missed it too.  Or, maybe you started twitching and fuming as soon as you read that he was using logic blocks.  Logic blocks, you may have hissed to yourself (or your cat, or […]

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Guy Builds Giant 3D Printer in Minecraft: Has Science Gone Too Far?

Watching some people play Minecraft is like watching somebody build a working calculator out of ball bearings and PVC pipe.  ItsJustJumby is one of those people.  His video shows you how he built a 3-D printer in Minecraft using only the materials and physics available in the game. The whole system is amazing to behold.  It contains […]

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Minecraft Available on PS3

That’s right! 4J Studios has finished Minecraft for PS3 and it is available for download from the PlayStation Network today! Here is the official release announcement: Season’s greetings! Owen from Mojang here. I have some exciting news that you might be interested in. It’s about Minecraft – a game that’s sold over 30 million copies […]

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